Oxford-forsker om vaccine-situationen i Nepal

Forskeren Andrew J. Pollard har været med til at udvikle Oxford-AstraZeneca/Covishield vaccinen. Det har han selvfølgelig faglige vinkler på, men han har også relationer til nepalesere og Nepal der går mange år tilbage.

Andrew Pollards indlæg er i Nepali Times er på engelsk. Læs hele indlægget her.

>>While the vaccine roll out in high income countries is a remarkable success story measured in doses given, cases prevented, lives saved, and the green shoots of economic recovery, giving us hope for the future, it also reveals a serious concern when looked at in the context of global equity. 

Some countries have vaccinated a high proportion of their citizens, while the pandemic continues to rage elsewhere. Many Nepalis have written to me asking why this situation is allowed to continue and asking what I am doing about it. Like you, I feel powerless.
Whilst the pandemic has brought us closer together in a shared suffering, it has also shown how far apart we are when it comes to sharing health.

Professor Andrew J Pollard is Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, University of Oxford, UK.<<